Dog Grooming Prices

Dog Grooming Prices

At Alfie's Bath Buddies Dog Grooming, we believe grooming plays a vital part in the health and happiness of your dog


As most dogs require grooming every 6-8 weeks, regular grooming keeps their coat clean and manageable.

We offer the following grooming services:


Bath, blowdry and tidy of hygiene areas

(Nails can be included for an extra £5)


Small dogs - short hair: Prices from £15

Small dogs - long hair: Prices from £20

Medium dogs (up to 15kg) - short hair: Prices from £20

Medium dogs (up to 15kg)  - long hair: Prices from £25


Please note: if your dog is matted, this will incur an extra charge or a full groom may be required

Full groom (clip-offs, teddy and pet trims, breed styles -  Price dependent on breed, coat condition and temperament)

Small dogs: Prices from £30

Medium dogs (up to 15kg): Prices from £35

Spa Treatments


To pamper your dog further, why not spoil them to a spa. Treatments can be added for £5 each or 3 treatments for £10. They include:


  • Colour enhancing shampoos which use natural ingredients to effectively remove dirt and grease whilst refreshing the natural pigmentation within the hair leaving the coat beautifully soft and rich in colour

  • After shampoo conditioning treatment promoting a silky and tangle free coat 

  • Blueberry facial spa which naturally exfoliates, hydrates and effectively cleanses whilst removing dirt, beard and tear stains

  • Leave-in hydrating conditioner which is an excellent, non-oily treatment for smooth skin and coat

  • Softening paw and nose balm

  • Fresh Mint Clean Teeth Gel helps to reduce plaque and tartar naturally

  • Dremelled nails (rather than clipped) which leaves them smooth and less sharp

Puppy Package (Price dependent on breed)

The best way to get your dog used to the dog grooming process is to introduce it when they are a puppy. Puppies can start their grooming experience 2 weeks after their last vaccination. My aim is to give your puppy the best possible introduction to the dog grooming experience.


The puppy package includes 4 visits where we will get to know each other and they will become familiar with the process. During each session, I will gradually introduce different sounds and experiences within your puppy's comfort levels eventually building up to having a bath, blowdry, brush, face and hygiene areas trimmed, ears cleaned and a nail trim. When your puppy is old enough, they will then move on to a full dog groom. I can also work with you to further familiarise your puppy with the grooming routine at home in between sessions and teach you effective brushing techniques to keep your puppy free from painful matting. The puppy package must be used before your puppy is 6 months old.

Prices from £60

De-matting policy: I will attempt to remove matting for 15 minutes as long as this does not distress your dog. If the matting is too severe, in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 2006, a clip-off will be required. I will discuss this with you beforehand and there may be an additional charge to cover time and wear and tear on equipment